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February 2018
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Dad's Visit
Is a rebel son just his father's mutated clone?

Moderate Injuries
In war, maybe everybody gets wounded.

A small nourishment against terror.

Where's Love when Life and Art are fighting?

Love is a world-wide web where your soul-mate hides from you.

The Failed Messiah: The Sixties as Metaphor
Redemption was at hand... The Messiah's enemies whispered of orgies and free love.

David Z"L passed away
on Sunday July 17, 2005.

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Dad's Visit
Is a rebel son just his father's mutated clone?

Jack the Father was a middle-class and Jewish man, with so much overlap between these categories that it was a mystery which trait derived from where. His own father, a Yiddish-speaking immigrant who ran a junk store in a Negro neighborhood in Brooklyn, passed on the storekeeper ambition to his eldest son. But studious Jack Marcus, keeping separate from the warm and raucous family kitchen to study for exams, also aimed himself at a profession.

This was in the cold winter of the Depression, before ordinary people developed the extraordinary expectations and self-images that characterize us now....

First published in Writer's Notes, October 2004.

The Permanent Press, 1997
A raunchy and partly comic love story set on a country commune - a place lacking conventional boundaries - and probably the most loving and authentic portrayal of Sixties communal life in American fiction.

The Permanent Press, 1996
A biting portrait of a marriage and stepfamily that is coming apart, while its deeper theme is the daunting task of truly marrying oneself and the life one has made.

Bright Idea Books, 1997
Twelve stories about people who are either frantically searching for their true selves or who know themselves too well and wish they could escape.

KTAV, 1994
A Holocaust survivor's detailed memory of hell and his nearly miraculous survival there, co-written with Rabbi David Matzner.


From David Margolis

Turning to Fiction

As this site turns its attention to presenting fiction, instead of telling you what I think, I'm taking the opportunity to share some thoughts (below) about fiction from writers wiser and/or greater than myself. What I think about the writing of fiction, you can find out by clicking on the Fiction page (above) and reading some of the selections. Let me know what you think. Happy reading!


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Those who write clearly have readers, those who write obscurely have commentators. — Albert Camus

When a thing has been said and well, have no scruple. Take it and copy it. — Anatole France

Times are bad. Children no longer obey their parents, and everyone is writing a book. — Cicero

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self. — Cyril Connolly

Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark places where it leads. — Erica Jong

A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author. — G. K. Chesterton

Pay no attention to what the critics say; there has never been set up a statue in honor of a critic. — Jean Sibelius

It always comes back to the same necessity: go deep enough and there is a bedrock of truth, however hard. — May Sarton

Writers are not nice people. — Franz Kafka