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January 2018
Recent fiction
Writer's Notes Magazine, 2004
Is a rebel son just his father's mutated clone?

Citizen in America, 2004
In war, maybe everybody gets wounded.

Jerusalem Post Literary Quarterly, 2004
A small nourishment against terror.

Jerusalem Post, 2002
There's one on every plane. A sketch from life.

Potpourri Magazine, 1997
Where's Love when Life and Art are fighting?

The Permanent Press, 1997
A raunchy and partly comic love story set on a country commune - a place lacking conventional boundaries - and probably the most loving and authentic portrayal of Sixties communal life in American fiction.

Arc Magazine, -0001
Love is a world-wide web where your soul-mate hides from you.

The Permanent Press, 1996
A biting portrait of a marriage and stepfamily that is coming apart, while its deeper theme is the daunting task of truly marrying oneself and the life one has made.

Unpublished, 2000
Redemption was at hand... The Messiah's enemies whispered of orgies and free love.

Bright Idea Books, 1997
Twelve stories about people who are either frantically searching for their true selves or who know themselves too well and wish they could escape.

The Time of Wandering

Privately published / Bright Idea Books, 1996
Purchase a personally inscribed copy

The Time of Wandering consists of 12 stories – funny, sexy, poignant and often disturbing – about people who are searching for their true selves or who know themselves too well and wish they could escape.

The opening story, “Gauguin,”which won Potpourri Magazine's Herman F. Swafford Fiction Award in 1998 and an Honorable Mention in the Boston Literary Review's national fiction competition the previous year, is available for reading on this site. Five other stories have been published in periodicals. The volume, personally inscribed by David, can be purchased for $12 (shipping included) through Paypal. 

An annotated Table of Contents follows.

Gauguin. He hoped a bourgeois life and wife would satisfy him. He was wrong.

The Obligation of Leonard Marcus. His brother is in an institution. The family is an institution, too.

Niggers. Little Morrie got in trouble, caught like a hitchhiker at a dangerous intersection.

The Reunion. If you’re the same at 50 as you were at 30, you’ve betrayed yourself. Or maybe grief drove you crazy.

Pound Cake. Can another little bite hurt?

Consolation. Sol’s father was a storekeeper; now Death is taking over the lease.

Sara at 10. Will what is broken for Sara ever get healed?

Sex in Israel. A perfect triangle: two confused American girls and an Israeli guy who’s looking for an angle.

Workshop. Sex is the supreme fiction: The Instructor’s tale.

Humiliation. Sure, love hurts – but this is ridiculous.

Matchstick. They played a serious game of tag – for ten years, across a continent.

Walking Away. Can a man just step out of his life and walk away? Try it.

Purchase a copy of The Time of Wandering, personally inscribed to you by David.

The Time of Wandering was published with the help of a grant for ”artistic excellence“ from the Government of Israel and a matching publication grant from the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity, Los Angeles.

From David Margolis
My interests as a fiction writer were partly determined by having come of age in the Sixties: wandering, escape, ecstatic experience, disappointment, the search for community, how men and women make each other crazy. Such diverse concerns demand varying voices for their expression, as the reader will find out.

I began my writing career as a poet and learned much of what I know about writing prose from reading poetry.

As a consequence, two things power my experience of writing: the dreadful pleasure of shaping language until it teaches me what I want to say, and my private struggle between the poet's work of opening up any moment like a flower and the fiction writer's work of getting on with the story.